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February 2018
GACA signs 3 year extension

The General Civil Aviation Authority of Saudi Arabia (GACA) recently signed a 3 year extension to continue their use of the Q5 software for all its Quality and Safety management.
Q5’s feature rich software is a proven solution for any Civil Aviation Authority looking to manage their quality and safety programs.
Q5 is looking forward to another 3 years of working with GACA, and assisting them with their promotion of quality and safety management in the Saudi aviation market.

November 2017
Q5 selected by Summit Air

Q5 would like to welcome Summit Air as one of our clients.
Summit Air has been delivering remote aviation solutions to its valued customers for over 20 years. We have one of the largest and most diverse fleets in the industry. It is a Canadian airline headquartered in Yellowknife that operates scheduled, charter and cargo aviation throughout the Northwest Territories, Nunavut, and Yukon.
Summit is using Q5 for both their safety and quality management needs. They are pleased that they can handle both safety and quality with the one Q5 system. Also, they were very pleased with the management dashboard reports, which will allow them to get relevant data and KPI’s to key stakeholders.
Q5 looks forward to working with Summit Air by providing them with a software that will continue to meet their needs, and grow with them.

July 2017
Q5 selected by HorizonT

One of our most recent new clients, HorizonT, was brought to Q5 through our partnership with ASQC in the UK.
The President and owner of ASQC, Mark Pearson, has been busy at work, introducing his clients to Q5.
We have been very pleased with our partnership with Mark. His knowledge and experience in the aviation sector has proven to be a great asset.
HorizonT was able to quickly make a decision to use Q5 as Mark was easily able to match HorizonT's needs with the Q5SMS software.
Happy to have HorizonT as a Q5 client!

June 2017
Q5 selected by EFM

There were many reasons why EFM chose Q5 as their SMS provider.
These included, detailed safety occurrence reporting, corrective action tracking, disconnected apps for event reporting and cost effectiveness.
Automated process notifications within Q5 was an additional benefit to EFM.
EFM was also looking for a software that could be customized to meet their specific needs.
Q5 was happy to oblige and deliver a solution that will meet their business requirements.
Welcome to Q5!

April 2017
Q5 selected by Saudi Private Aviation

Since been chosen by the General Civil Aviation Authority of Saudi Arabia (GACA) for their Safety Management business processes, Q5 has been meeting some great new companies and has had the privilege of introducing our Q5 software to them.
One company that has taken advantage of the Q5 system is Saudi Private Aviation.
We look forward to continuing to work with Saudi Private Aviation in meeting their SMS requirements and integrating Q5 with GACA requirements.
Welcome to Saudi Private Aviation!

February 2017
Q5 selected by The Ottawa Hospital

Q5 is pleased to announce that the Ottawa Hospital has chosen to use the Q5 software as a self audit tool.
In partnership with the Public Services Health & Safety Association (PSHSA) Q5 is providing the Ottawa Hospital with the Q5SMS tool to manage their own self audits in preparation for rate reform in Ontario.
Also, contributing to their decision to choose Q5 was the functionality that Q5 offers in enabling the Ottawa Hospital to demonstrate their due diligence and continuous improvement plan with simplicity and ease.
Welcome aboard!

February 2017
Q5 selected by Elinair

Elinair was looking for a software that would allow them to manage both their safety and quality protocols on one platform.
Fortunately for Elinair, Q5 provided them with the software that would allow them to do both, in the same environment.
The ability to create both preventative and corrective actions, as well as having the functionality to allow them to follow a finding through to completion was key in their decision.
Q5 is happy to have Elinair “on board”

February 2017
Q5 selected by Private Air Saudi

Private Air Saudi was introduced to Q5 as a result of our partnership with GACA in Saudi Arabia.
Private Air Saudi were looking for a tool to use for their safety occurrence reporting, auditing and integration with flight data monitoring.
These and many other requirements led to their decision to purchase Q5.
Q5 is very happy to have Private Air Saudi as their client as well, and we look forward to working with them as they continue to move forward in their promotion of safety management.

January 2017
Q5 selected by Global Africa Aviation

Global Africa Aviation (GAA) was one of the first clients brought to Q5 through our partnership with ASQC and Mark Pearson.
Key requirements for GAA were meeting the regulations of their civil aviation authority, user access flexibility, uploading archived data and quick implementation.
Q5 is happy to say we were able to meet all these requirements and enjoy having GAA as one of our first cargo clients in Africa.

January 2017
Q5 selected by Chrono Aviation

Q5 would like to welcome Chrono Aviation as one of our clients.
Chrono, a growing charter aviation company, based in Quebec, was looking for an SMS software that would give them the assurance of meeting the safety requirements as set out by Transport Canada.
Their main requirement initially was for safety event reporting, however the ability to expand into using Q5 for auditing, as well, was an integral part of their decision to purchase Q5.
Q5 looks forward to working with Chrono Aviation and providing them with a software that will continue to meet their needs and grow with them.

November 2016
Q5 selected by Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), Air Services Branch (ASB)

Q5 is excited to announce that our Q5 SMS software has been selected by the RCMP ASB.
The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) Air Services Branch (ASB) was established in April 1937. Air Services has grown to encompass 20 air sections, with 41 aircraft and employs over 150 people across the country. The fleet provides operational and RCMP business air services to RCMP personnel in both federal and contract provinces.
The RCMP ASB operates aircrafts in all areas of Canada and has bases of operation in 20 Air Sections scattered in 11 provinces.
The Q5 software solution will allow ASB to track and manage the required elements of an SMS.
Welcome aboard RCMP ASB!

April 2016
Q5 selected by Cronos Airlines

Q5 is pleased to announce that our Q5 software has been selected by Cronos Airlines.
Cronos Airlines is a regional airline based in Malabo, Equatorial Guinea. Its main base is Malabo International Airport.
One of the main reasons for choosing Q5 was that the software could manage both their SMS and QMS requirements on the one platform.
Q5 recognizes the clear synergies with the safety culture at Cronos, where transparency and a commitment to being proactive is front and center.
Welcome aboard Cronos Airlines!

February 2016
Q5 selected by Wizz Air

Q5 is pleased to announce that the Q5 SMS software has been selected by Wizz Air to provide them with a single operating platform for their SMS requirements.
Wizz Air is a value-oriented airline that focuses on innovation all along the way of the customer journey. Their aim is to make flying affordable and to provide a new travel experience to all travellers in the EU.
Wizz Air was named 2016 Value Airline of the Year by Air Transport World, a leading industry magazine.
Today, Wizz Air is the largest low cost carrier in Central and Eastern Europe, based on the number of departing seats.
Q5 was chosen as the successful vendor to provide Wizz Air with a centralized compliance management software tool.
Welcome to Q5 Wizz Air!

June 24, 2015
Q5 selected by the Town of Gillam

Q5 is pleased to announce that the Q5 SMS software has been selected by the Town of Gillam, Emergency Services.
We are very excited to be working with the Town of Gillam to meet their safety reporting and tracking requirements.
Welcome to Q5, Town of Gillam!

June 2, 2015
Q5 expansion into Menzies Distribution

Menzies Aviation has been a valued customer of Q5 for over 4 years.
We have enjoyed working with their team and we are very excited to have the opportunity to work with another division of the John Menzies LLC group, Menzies Distribution.
Q5 looks forward to working with Menzies Distribution and continuing our great relationship with Menzies Aviation.
Welcome aboard Menzies Distribution!

May 27, 2015
Q5 selected by Air Labrador

Q5 is pleased to announce that the Q5 SMS software has been selected by Air Labrador to provide them with a single operating platform for their SMS requirements.
Q5 SMS will be used by Air Labrador to collect, analyze, and track all safety related data within their organization on one single platform.
The Q5 SMS software will allow Air Labrador to demonstrate that it is truly a safety conscious organization to both its clients and its suppliers.
Welcome Air Labrador!

February 10, 2015
Q5 selected by Johnson Construction

Q5 is pleased to announce that Johnson’s Construction Ltd (JCL). has selected the Q5 SMS software to manage their SMS requirements.
JCL needed a means of building an effective SMS program that demonstrated due diligence in safety management to both its clients and regulators.
Simultaneously they required a software that would allow them to quickly generate trend reports for their management team.
Q5 SMS was their choice.
Welcome to Q5, Johnson’s Construction Ltd.!

December 1, 2013
Q5 Releases v9.4 of Q5 Safety Management - Q5SMS

Version 9.4 is a continuation in the series of product enhancements and refinements for users of the Q5 Safety Management Software, and includes cumulative enhancements for Corrective Actions, Event History Logs, Document References and Q5 Mobile Laptop improvements.
Q5SMS modules include; Documentation, Training Records, Event and Incident Reporting, Risk, Corrective Action, the core Q5 Audit and with Version 9 release series, the Q5 Business Intelligence Tool for custom reporting and dashboards.

November 28, 2013
2013 International Ground Handlers Conference – Madrid Spain

This was Q5’s first time attending this conference and we were very pleased with the results from this show. While there were some challenges, from an exhibitor point of view, the opportunities to meet with the delegates on a one to one basis and to formally present our software to attendees provided several great leads for new client relationships in the ground handler industry.
Q5 will definitely be back in 2014 as a delegate and we look forward to having some new clients there with us as a direct result of the 2103 conference. Q5 would like to personally thank the organizers of this event for putting off a good show.

September 16, 2013
Swift Conference 2013 - Ottawa, Ontario

Q5 would like to thank the organizers of the 2013 Swift Conference in Ottawa, Ontario for creating a great show this year. The conference provided an opportunity for Q5 to meet with many existing clients and identify several new potential client relationships, all within 3 days.
Allowing exhibitors to present their products and services to a captivated audience of delegates has already reaped some great rewards for Q5. This conference was a great success and we look forward to Swift 2014 in Vancouver, British Columbia.

March 3, 2013
Q5 selected by Menzies Aviation Worldwide

Q5 is pleased to announce that the Q5 SMS has been selected to provide Menzies Aviation with a single operating platform for their Quality Assurance program.
Q5 SMS will compliment their internal systems and allow Menzies to bring all of their audits into a single Quality Assurance Management System providing transparency, trend management and improve efficiency by replacing the current paper driven processes.
Q5 has been successfully tested by Menzies’ Continental Europe region for the last 14 months and will progressively be implemented network-wide during the next 3 months.

January 7, 2013
Q5 has been Recertified for ISO 9001:2008

We are pleased to announce that we have successfully completed our ISO 9001:2008 recertification!
Being certified demonstrates Q5’s continuous commitment that our products and procedures, from development to sales to delivery, fulfill our customer’s requirements for quality products. The ISO 9001:2008 certification has been rewarded as a result of a high-level quality management system designed to ensure customer satisfaction at all stages of the chain.
This ISO recertification demonstrates Q5’s commitment to actively work to improve the areas of quality, safety, customer satisfaction, and productivity.

January 2, 2013
Saudi Arabia General Authority of Civil Aviation

The General Authority of Civil Aviation (GACA) of Saudi Arabia is the national institution of Saudi Arabia in charge of aviation and related matters. Headquartered in Jeddah, GACA operates four international and 23 domestic airports in Saudi Arabia. By implementing Q5, GACA will continue to develop safe airspace, in accordance with the highest standards of safety, and to establish excellence in the services offered by their airports to all customers.
Welcome to Q5, Saudi Arabia GACA!

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